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About Me

Hello! My name is Kary Francisco, the curator of this fine site, and creator of its contents!


I consider myself quirky and kind, thoughtful and fun, caring and adventurous, loyal and honest, with a touch of shyness, sillyness, and anxiousness thrown in.


I am an artist. I take in all I can around me. I try to find the beauty in every inch of life; the colors, the shapes, the lines, everything. I love to create. I love to make things based on what I see, and I also love to make things based on what others see, and their ideas. I love working in the graphic design field for that reason. 


Some of my hobbies and interests outside of my graphic design work include: gardening, beekeeping, cooking, miniatures, camping, combat sports, biking, motorcycles, bonfires, craft beer, Scotch whiskey, traveling, baking, decorating, painting, reading, sewing, lounging, video games, calligraphy, and much more!


My formal education is in Arts, specifically graphic design, but I also have experience and some training in baking, decorating, painting, photography, and press printing.


My current '9-5' occupation is as a graphic artist for a local manufacturing company. I also am the contracted graphic artist for the Grand Rapids Comic-Con, and I do various volunteer work with local animal rescues that also involves graphic design and promotional work.​


I am married to a lovely guy named Neill, who is always supportive of my artsy activities, and is just an all around awesome partner. We have 3 cats currently, and both of us are crazy about animals.

I love what I do - I love bringing ideas to life in any art form I can. 

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have a project that you want to make a reality, I look forward to hearing from you!


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